Monday, January 24, 2011

Jan 10-17th


What a week it has been! First off, we had another incredible Zone Conference. President and Sister Bullock continue to amaze me. Sister Bullock gave a talk about Captain Moroni and basically retold the last half of Alma. Her message was centered on the title of liberty and the effects it had on the people of that time. President then spoke about the modern day prophets and their titles of liberty.

The last half of Zone conference we got an hour to read our scriptures and find what our title of liberty would be. What do we stand for? What do we want people to see when they look us? What do you want to declare to the rest of the world? It was really great because at the end Sister Bullock past out pieces of rent cloth (a large patch of leather) for each of us and we got to make our own title of liberty. I put on mine True Believer in Christ and then put the reference to Mathew 7:21. At the end we each got to stand up and share our standards and then explain why. Great conference. What would you put as your title of liberty?       

Next, Martin got baptized! It was a great service and turn out. We had about 40 members show up. It was exciting that the day has finally come. We have been waiting for him to get his own flat and so once he got it the holidays got in the way. The final day has come at last!

Liam is also doing really well. Unfortunately, he has not been able to come to church because of work! Tomorrow or tonight we are teaching him the Law of Chastity and he has a partner. It is great because we are going to take Martin with us!

Funny, we have able to teach a man whose name is John Taylor! He really enjoyed church yesterday but after he said he couldn’t get over the fact that we didn’t accept evolution from monkeys...He is a really nice man and very smart but as it says in 2 Ne 9:28-29 it’s only good to be wise if you hearken unto the council of God.

We went on an exchange with the Assistance yesterday because of Elder Davis. It was really great. I went with elder lleguno from espania. Elder Davis is doing really well. We get along great and he has learned a lot in just short time. However, sometimes I feel like I am with a Benzon when it comes to dinner. Only teasing, the Benzon’s at least like cheese!!!! He eats eggs and bacon and cereal for almost every meal. It’s funny, but I cannot complain he is amazing.  

As a mission we have begun reading the doctrine and covenants highlighting all the versus that deal with missionary work and teaching with the spirit. It is my first time but it is going really well. Where I am reading, several of the saints are inquiring of Joseph Smith to receive revelation from the Lord on their behalf. I was pondering about how great that would be for myself until hit me that I already have that, my Patriarchal Blessing. Great to know that the lord has given us all the tools we need and then some to have direction in our life.

Family I love you all! Hope you’re all doing great.


Ps. I sent you that clock from the Isle of Man. I went to the little factory where the poor old man had his shop and was making those. It kind of quirky because it goes backwards but i thought that was really great!!! trey de lure means "time enough," like time doesn’t matter. Mom you wrote something in a letter about picking one of those up and I had already gotten that week. Spirit of Prophesy! You have not said anything about it do you agree??   

When I asked what your title of liberty would say i really want a response!!! :)

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