Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Feb 2- Feb 7

Thank you thank you! I had a great birthday. I took a few elders out to Fridays to celebrate. It was really good to get a nice American Burger!!!! The whole restaurant sang to me and it was lots of fun. I got both packages of shirts and also a giant package of candy and other goodies plus a calendar from Rob and Alisa! Michelin must be paying well because it was a great package!!!!

 I did not get transferred; Elder Davis and I will be together for one more. I am happy about it. We get along well and are teaching some great people right now.  This most likely is my last transfer here though. Elder Sturt my trainer is the new assistant. That will be fun because we will be in the same ward again.

The work is continuing to go well. Nicodemus made it to church and stayed the full three hours and had an enjoyable time. We have begun teaching a Chinese man named Luzhauyang (aka Dylan like Bob Dylan). It has been amazing. He had no concept of who God was or any beliefs in religion so we had to start with the complete basics. He told us the other day that each time we come he feels “vera  vera (very very) peaceful” when we come. We found him while street contacting. Liam is doing really well. He is an amazing man just in a difficult situation. Hopefully soon he will be able to make a decision.   

Family thank you so much for all of the Birthday wishes and gifts!!!! I hadn’t eaten chocolate for the whole month of January and I think all of that was wasted in a matter of 24 hours!!!!

Sorry this letter is so short I will email on Monday. I miss miss miss you all and hope your life is wonderful.

LOVE, Richard

1. Did you get a birthday cake? Yes Fridays chocolate cake !!!
2. Did you get transferred?! No…
3. I'm amazed about how young the instigators are! It takes such a strong person to convert when they are single and in their 20's! The young ones are generally the only ones with open minds.
4. Companion? He is great!
5. Alisa fat joke…  My mom sent a picture and told me to look and find something and the picture was blurry I figured the boys had big brother shirts on
6. Babies name: Boston?? You cannot have two babies named after cities. Preston is a major city in England. I like Porter.
7. Mom -tell those women to learn to love who they get assigned to visit teach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of the biggest problems in England is no one home teaches or visit teaches and it causes wards to have 700 people and only 40 active members!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Home teaching and visit teaching is ESSENTIAL TO EVERYTHING MISSIONARIES ARE WORKING SO HARD FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ps. funny story i had rubbed two huge holes in one of my pants suits and then the other day ripped one right in the crotch!!! Good thing it is the one with two pants!
Other then that clothes are good!!!!

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