Monday, March 7, 2011

Feb 7- 14th

It has been, yet again, another great week. Elder Davis and I have been able to feel the promptings of the spirit direct us to those whom the lord has been preparing. Just last night we had prayed that we would be able to teach two lessons before a fireside at the mission home and receive at least one new investigator. All of our potentials fell through and so we started tracting. Shortly we got into the home of a Vietnamese man, taught him the restoration, and committed him to baptism. Our plans at that time were to go home and take a break; however, we felt prompted to continue tracting. Sure enough the next door we knocked we were welcomed in and able to teach another lesson!

The Vietnamese man and his wife, Kim, own a nail salon! What are the chances? The other couple who let us in were a couple from Iraq. They are Christians and here on a long term visa so we are able to teach them. We did not have the time to teach them the full restoration but we are scheduled to go back later this week! They were extremely kind and would not let us turn down a drink. Lucky us they had sprite (you can’t buy it in the normal stores)!  

Nicodemus was able to come to church this week for the second time and he is dated for baptism on the 19th of February. When we taught him, later in the week he told us that after leaving church (the first time) he had felt happier than he ever had before. He said it was hard to explain but a feeling came over him and he could not stop smiling! After hearing that I was ecstatic, however, I felt a little bad. I walked out of church thinking the talks were boring, priesthood was on pass along cards, and that he had to of hated church. Just goes to show that no matter what church is like it is the Lords church and the Spirit is there. We need to trust those in attendance will feel it.

Liam is also doing amazing he is like a best friend. We were able to sit down with him and have a serious heart to heart with our WML Brother Robinson. You have to love Brother Robinson he is hilarious, successful and just a very great man with a big heart. After speaking with Liam for a little bit he told Liam that he was an “idiot” and just needed to marry his girlfriend. Liam took it really well and is now figuring out the plans to ask. We met Laura, the girlfriend, last night and she was extremely sweet. I am sure in no time she will come to see the truth of the gospel!!!   

This has been quite a wet week! It has been a constant downpour since Wednesday. Growing up in Phoenix I thought when the clouds emptied the rain stopped. In England the clouds never seem to run out. I think it has rained more that it usually does in a year. My coat has been great and kept me nice and dry!

This week I was able to finish the Doctrine and Covenants. After reading this wonderful book I have had need to repent. Unfortunately, I had the notion that the D&C was dull and had few sections that pertained to me. Throughout the reading process I have learned how truly mistaken I was. There is not one section that I did not learn from. My testimony of the Gospel and of Joseph Smith has been greatly strengthened and I have gained a new love for the D&C. Now onto the Pearl of Great Price!

Family I love you and hope you are doing well! Look forward to hearing from you each week.


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