Monday, March 7, 2011

February 21-28


Wow, sounds like you are just having too much fun.

This has been a crazy crazy week. Elder Davis and I have been diligently following up, confirming appointments, setting up solid appointments , and seeking to find those who are prepared. By the end of the week we had 1 new investigator, many cancelations, and many failed attempts. It was rough. We even had confirmed lessons where we had gotten members to fall through. However, Instead of being discouraged we pressed forward with faith, praying mightily throughout the day that we would see fruit from our labors. By the end of Sunday night we were blessed to teach 7 more new investigators! The lord truly does answer prayers and reward us for our effort.

Liam is back in town and we have taught some very special lessons this week. He bore his testimony of Joseph Smith to us after watching 1st half of Prophet of the Restoration. There is nothing more rewarding than hearing somebody you have met on the street come to know what you are teaching is true. He is ready baptism and would be baptised tomorrow except the fact he has a partner. They are planning on getting married but an English wedding ends up costing 18,000£. I thought he was exaggerating but ended up asking some people in the ward and they agreed. Apparently they have not gotten the whole buffet in the chapel idea down yet over here. So we are working on figuring something out.

When I lived in Bolton there was a less-active named Latifa from Ghana. I had taught her once but unfortunately we lost contact and were not able to find her after that. Well a year later we knock on a few doors and the Lord leads us to Latifa. I had not recognized her but we set up an appointment thinking she was a potential investigator. We came for the appointment it fell through but her mother was in. We were able to set up another appointment with her when both of them would be in. Yesterday, we went and taught them both as well as Latifa’s cousin. At the end Latifa told us she had been baptised in Ghana but just got confused when she moved over to England. It was only after we left that I recognized who she was. She rang us up and asked us another question and that is when she told me she remembered me and we connected the dots! Alma 5:38 the lord knows his sheep and calls after them by name!

We were also blessed to teach this little family from India. They are Catholic and have been since birth but loved the restoration and accepted baptism. We look forward to how things will go with them. Unfortunately, they are working slave labour jobs and it is difficult to set up times but we are scheduled to see them in a few days.    

I am sorry there are so many miracles and stories to tell that i just cannot fit it into an email. I have slipped on my journal writing and will have to get back on that. I love love love you all and hope you are doing great!


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