Monday, March 7, 2011

February 14- 21


This has been a great week and I don’t know where to start. After reading all of your emails my brain is a little scattered because so many questions are popping up. However, I will try.

Okay so this week all of the District Leaders got together at the mission home for a DL council meeting. It was really great. I gave a presentation on how we can teach our district members to be exactly obedient. It went well I shared a story about one of the first exchanges I went on when my zone leader made us run 2 miles up hill just so we could be in on time! Not that much fun running but it did teach me good principles that have kept with me.

We have introduced this new family mission plan into the mission. We go and teach a lesson and each individual/family creates their own mission plan.  Well this week we have already begun to see fruit from the FMP. We were able to have tea and teach a member referral in the member’s home. The woman was someone whom the members befriended from the local take-away. After giving her a pass-along card she accepted to hear what we had to say!

We have been teaching quite a bit of new people and getting lots of new investigators. Unfortunately, getting people to church has been a little struggle so this week that will be our focus.  

Liam is gone on Holiday this week, hopefully to get engaged! Nicodemus started a new job and we haven’t been able to see him lately but things are still looking good.

The cupcakes you sent were soooo soooo sooooo GOOOOOOD! I gave them to the sisters and they made them for me! Such amazing woman. I have heard lots of horror stories about sister missionaries but all the ones in our mission are amazing!

Sorry if this letter has been so disjointed the man next to me is blaring this obnoxious music desensitizing his spirit! I will pray for him.

Alright well i hope you have a wonderful valentine’s day and I will speak to you soon!


DAD- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! congrats on the business i hope things continue to go well.

If you remember there was four of us that came to the EMM on feb 19th there are now only 2 of us, Elder Moss and myself. Elder Popagallo our Italian friend went home the other day not sure why someone said he had a problem with his leg... It was sad three of us got along great. Also, my old companion Elder Chambers sent me a WEDDING INVITATION. WHAT? He had a friend who he was writing but went home in October and is sealing the deal at the end of this month! Wow!    

MOM-who would have thought that a relief society president could be so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot think what to write because I am still laughing...good work. Send pictures of the wheels when you get them back!

Nicks ex-girlfriend is coming to the mission?! That is so exciting you can tell her that she is coming to the greatest mission in the world!  Is she the blonde?
I had no clue the Tillman’s got called to be mission presidents! That would be incredible if they came here.

Rowland’s ring is gorgeous is it blue or was that the picture? Way to go!!!

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