Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sep 5-12


This has been another great week. Lots of exchanges, lots of new people, lots of great member work!

Here is a little update with our teaching pool-

Nicky and Mathew- I street contacted Nicky a few days ago in a little town called flint. We set up an appointment for Friday night and it went really well. She is a single mother, two children, and has never had a particular religion. She has always been searching for the truth but her parents are devout atheists and would never let her discover anything to do with religion. Now that she is a grown woman she’s been looking for something but hasn’t been able to find it. Mathew is her younger boy and he has a firm faith in God. They both came to church on Sunday and from what we can tell really enjoyed it. We are excited to see what will happen with them.

Bianca Richard- We have been able to steadily meet with Richard and Bianca. They are both doing really well and have progressed so much. We taught them the word of wisdom this past week and so we are working with both of them to overcome their addictions to coffee and smoking. It is scary to see the grasp that Satan can get on people through simple things like coffee!   

Carol and Claire- Also doing wonderful and also helping Carol come off cigarettes. This week we put together this stop smoking calendar with sticky notes, quotes and pictures (im getting quite crafty here on the mission). She is making progress but is really struggling with the ciggis.  

Rowell- Is still very solid but because he has been out of town lately we haven’t been able to teach him as much. Hopefully this week he will get back and will be able to start up again.

This week we were able to teach two lessons in member’s homes and get 8 member present lessons, all with different members. This new member work program couldn’t be better. I love it. We have seen so many miracles. Also, even though we have focused on member work we have been able to find 8 new investigators. I am not sure how it works but we have definitely been blessed.

I don’t know if you know or not but every missionary in the world now has a portable dvd player. It has been quite nice. We are able to watch all the church dvds and pmg dvds to study and use. The DC dvds have come in handy so thank you.

I hope everything is going well and you know that you are loved and missed.

Love, Richard

Ps. Dad I haven’t been able to read the talk but I am sure it was amazing. Also, I am not sure about what you and mom would like to see. I would like to show you whatever you would like... have you ever been to Manchester or Liverpool?? The mission is not all that big and we can get everywhere in less than an hours car ride.That is unless you want to see a little of Wales… The town of Bangor and Llandudno are beautiful and maybe worth seeing. If you tell me what you have already seen then I will be able to give you a little more direction. The cities I have served in are Bolton, Manchester, Liverpool, Chester, The Isle of Man. They are all great and worth seeing if you haven’t seen them before.  

PPS. Mom I am sure you are busy. I did not get an email from you this week but will look anxiously for one next week!

Paige thanks for all the pics. The ones of Maggie are sad.  

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