Sunday, October 16, 2011

Aug 30- Sep 5


That is very bitter sweet to hear about Maggie. I definitely consider her my grandma! She will be greatly missed, however. There is no doubt she is back with her husband in a “state of happiness, which is called paradise.” Give the tanners my love.

This has been another terrific week. We had zone conference and it was lots of fun. We did an all out church history tour. We started in Liverpool, went to the river ribble (where the first baptisms were), saw president Hinckley house where he received the famous letter, and finished in the beautiful town of Downham. They have a little cathedral chapel there that they let us use. So we finished the day off with a great meeting in a beautiful, slightly apostate, building. Although apostate, the spirit was very strong.

President is very apt on member missionary work and so we are introducing to the mission a new initiative to increase member trust. Basically it’s a points system of doing service, small acts of kindness, teaching in members homes, and using different fellowshippers. The goal is to get 100 points and everything varies in its value most things are 2 points but teaching in a member’s home is 10. This week we had great success and were able to get 106 “member efforts.” It is very new to me and taking some getting use to however I think it will be a great benefit and help the mission see great success.

We now have 5 investigators dated for baptism on the 8th of October. Carol and Clair- they are doing amazing. We are trying to help carol quit smoking which is proving to be a difficult task. Claire is doing great, she went to a young woman’s pool party last week and loved it. Rowell- his date was pushed back because his family won’t be able to come and see him until them but is continuing to progress consistently. The last two is Richard and Bianca from Scotland. They are this little family with 2 little kids. They came to church yesterday for the first time and loved it. There obstacle is going to be getting married! However, they have a desire and are already planning on it!

Elder Eliason and I are doing great. I think we would have been great friends had we lived in the same area before the mission. He is a really hard worker, goal setter, and knows how to get things done!

This is short but hopefully you get the taste of what’s going on. I love and miss you.


Is the church tour something you would be interested in seeing when you come and visit? I would not mind if you did. Also, if we need a few more days it would be fine to leave on Tuesday or Wednesday if that’s what you would like.

Sad news though is my Chinese friends are moving back to china right before I leave. Hopefully, Sunny will stay. Also, Olivia said she would meet us in china if we were ever near her house. Are we planning to go to Chungdu?

Elder Moss is a good friend of mine who came out with me. There were four of us when we came out and now it’s only the two of us. He also is a zone leader and so we are good friends. His parents aren’t coming to pick him up. He will leave Thursday morning. 

Dad this is the info of Sharon Ewing- I remember now the daughters with the back brace. I remember them most when one time we had a ward activity at the public pool near ray and they were there... Thank you so much for getting in contact and trying to find her. Obviously heavenly father is aware of her needs but as well answering the prayers of her father! 

34 Elmfied Road
Birkby, Huddersfield

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