Sunday, October 16, 2011

sep 12-20


Those were quite the letters you sent…especially dads. Yikes! Glad to know everything is going well.

This week during personal study I read a scripture in Ether 12:42 which says, “I would commend you to seek this Jesus of whom the prophets and apostles have written, that the grace of God the Father, and also the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost, which beareth record of them, may be and abide in you forever.” In order to receive grace it takes action or works on our part each and every day. This week Eliason and I felt that grace as we diligently sought for opportunities to improve the member work in Chester. This week we were able to teach 11 member present lessons 6 of them in members homes and 9 of them were with different families (the fellowshippers were all different). Going back to that scripture I know that we were greatly blessed by the grace of God through our hard work. Because of it we now have five dated investigators! Kicky and Mathew accepted a date, Richard and Bianca are still dated, and Lorna (miracle grandma number 2) is dated. As well, misses Lawson (miracle grandma #1) accepted baptism and is just shy of accepting a date! Such amazing things are happening.

I forgot to mention last week how exciting it is about that woman who asked mom what she need to do in order to be baptised. You should have just responded in the words of elder Holland “HAVE FAITH AND REPENT”! (He gave this amazing talk to the mission presidents and he says that faith and repentance are the things we need our investigators to do most…one of the best talks I have ever heard) Make sure you get a chance to teach her in our home though. I have been praying continually for you to have missionary experience and I am so excited to know that you are. Prayers are answered.

So Elder Eliason and I were driving down the road and got stopped at a red light. We unrolled the window and called to the people on the street. It was right in fornt of Chester University and a man name “Miracle Joe” or just Joe comes up to the window and is so excited we are speaking about Jesus. He is from India and didn’t have time to get his phone out and find his number so we gave him ours and hopped for the best. Two days later we receive a text and it says, “hey its joe the believer this my number.” We rang him up quickly and taught him this past Saturday. He has amazing faith and is really excited about the book of Mormon. He couldn’t come to church this week but plans to next. Just goes to prove Alma 13:24 people are prepared all around you.

General Conference, the most exciting Sunday of the year! I cannot wait.

Have a wonderful week!
Love, Richard

Dad Manchester is quite central I think we might  want to stay in Chester for Friday and Saturday. The town is one of my favourites and we can take a drive through Wales for a little bit. Also, it’s only about 30 min from Liverpool. On the isle of man there is a hotel that president and sister bullock stayed at that they said was great I cant remember what its called but its in Douglas on the peer. President Preston went to the isle the last week and saw the sales and some of the other recent converts and said that they are all doing incredible. You may want someone on facebook let keith know we are coming that weekend. I will write them soon but unfortunately I am horrible at writing letters. Some how I can manage 1000000000 thank you cards each week but not a letter! 

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