Sunday, October 16, 2011

August 15th-25th


It was great to see Alissa. She is really kind and I have heard all about her and her family from the other missionaries. They all love the Schafer’s. She also made these amazing cookie brownie type things that put a smile on everyone’s face!

This week has been really great. We were richly blessed. We have taught lots of lessons on the spot and have found some great new investigators. As well, I told you a little bit about Carol I think. Her husband passed away about 7 years ago and life just hasn’t been in order since. We have been teaching her on and off but started teaching her consistently these past two weeks. Anyways, her and her twelve year old daughter, Claire, came to church this week and it was amazing. They loved it and the ward did a great job at fellowshipping them. They are now dated for baptism on the 10th of September.

Beverley is also doing wonderful. She has a strong testimony and has already made good friends in the ward. We have sat with her at sacrament each week but this week she got to church early and had found some friends to sit with. We didn’t even know she was there until after sacrament!

Elder Jagers last P-day is today and so I am treating him to TGI Frigdays. He is one of ten kids and this might be the greatest meal he has ever had. I have had a good time working with him this transfer and am excited for the coming transfer. I am not quite sure who it will be but I know it will be someone good!

Exciting to hear about all of the weddings. Keep sending pictures. I am sorry this is so short but the library is about to close. I love you all and cant wait to hear from you soon.

Love, Richard 

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