Sunday, October 16, 2011

October 5th

That is annoying that you didn’t get my letter. I am sorry. The computer says that it sent so who knows… Anyways, it has been transfers and thankfully I have not been transferred. Elder Eliason and I will stay together for another transfer and I would not have it any other way because we currently have 7 investigators dated for baptism! I think seven is the most I have ever had. We are being greatly blessed.

Rowell (the part member family) has finally gotten home from his holiday and when we met up with him he had been reading and praying while is Spain. After over two years of investigating the church he has finally come to see that the book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith is a prophet. He is going to be baptised this Saturday!  It is really great to see that he has had that mighty change of heart. I have seen it in the past few months since I first met him.

So things have been interesting with Nicky. We taught her the WOW this week and it was difficult for her. When we first told her she said, “no, No, No, not my tea, no one is taking away my tea”.  AS we continued to talk to her and explain the commandment we uncovered and even bigger concern and that was that God does not love her. It is quite sad. She has fibre Myalja sp? really bad and feels that she has a painful horrible body and that god has forgotten her and giving up tea wont do a thing.It was a little intense this is usually when we call in the sister missionaries to come give the big pep talk about your divine worth and gods love. Unfortunately there are none even remotely close so it is going to be up to me and Elder Eliason. We printed a talk from elder Holland broken things to mend which is an amazing talk but soon she will begin to see.  

Lorna is doing incredible. We have taught her in members home and she has fallen in love with the book of Mormon. Her questions are incredible and she is going to be baptised next week!!!
Barbara grandma miracle number one is also doing really well. Her progression is a little bit slower because she has a catarax (my normal spelling is no good let alone medical spelling …sorry)and cannot read the book of mormon. However, she has accepted a date for the 29th of October!

This week we have had a little fun running into loads of Gypsy’s. I thought they only existed in the hunch back of Notre dam with Quasimodo. Not so. There are loads here in England. I never really knew what they were all about but recently have been educated. They consider themselves a race. It is really not my thing and quite strange. None the less they are all Gods children.

General Conference was soooo good. I loved it. We got to watch all of general conference except for the Sunday afternoon. Technology is amazing. When we went to watch Saturday morning last Saturday evening the satellite sound was not working. I was able to use one of the members ipads pull up general conference live and get the sound. It’s pretty incredible. Also, I have been able to download a few talks  like cooks on to my camera memory card so I will get to watch those soon. I loved all of them. Tad Callister and sister Dalton was a couple of my favourite.

Elder Cunningham

Loved all the pictures thank you , thank you. Jen looks beautiful. How was the wedding? What sessions of conference did you see? Speak to you Monday

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