Wednesday, December 8, 2010

November 15-22


What a wonderful week it has been yet again. Being in Manchester is really a treat. There are tons of people and lots who are ready and to hear the gospel. Lately, we have been doing lots of finding on the busses pretty much because it is so cold outside. It is great, you get onto a bus and 50 people right there ready to talk to you. I love bus contacting it truly is the greatest! We have been able to set up many appointments from doing it.

So we have found so new great people this week. We have been teaching a man named Liam. He is a boxer and recognizes that he needs to strengthen his relationship with his Heavenly Father. He told us that he only really prays when he is in a tight spot or before a fight and knows that is not right. He is amazing and came to stake conference with us!

Martin is progressing so well and we have even started to teach his girlfriend Nadia.  She was not interested at all in the beginning but after sitting down and speaking with her she was able to realize that we had answers to her questions. She had been to many churches and asked them things that they could not respond to. I love that about the gospel. We truly have answers that you cannot find anywhere else.

We are teaching a woman named Cathy. She has recently been through a messy divorce and also has had some deaths in the family. At first she did not want to set up an appointment but after she felt the spirit she set up a time. After meeting with her for the second time she said last time I walked away I felt happy. As the weekend went on it drifted away but I feel good when I am here and I want to keep that good feeling with me all the time. How can I keep this happiness? The gospel is true. It really does bring greater happiness into our lives, not only happiness from having an understanding of the purpose of this life but also a happiness that just comes from having the spirit.   

This week we had zone conference and it was amazing. Scripture chase went well. I got third in my group but wasn’t too bothered because I knew the scriptures and that is what is most important. D&C kind of kills me though. Sister Bullock gave a talk on warning voices and President on 12 steps to apostasy. Apparently 6 missionaries got sent home for disobedience and so he was letting us recognize the grave we dig for ourselves when we are disobedient. Being on the isle I didn’t hear anything about it but was sad to hear about on my return.

Stake Conference was really good. We had a large turnout. No surprise, President and Sister Bullock gave the best talks. They are just amazing. They both talked about how every member is a missionary and if you expect missionaries to rise to the bar you need to raise yourself and invite everyone you know to hear about the gospel!

The Ashton Stake Conference (Bolton Ward) is held in the Manchester building and it was right after ours. I was able to see all the people from Bolton. If you remember Elder Stringham and I taught and baptized a young woman named Lauren. She had a boyfriend but he wasn’t so sure about it yet and stopped meeting with us. Well they were both there and Tom is now dated for the 4th! Sister Unsworth also came and you would not believe it but she baked me a delicious chocolate cake! Wow, I love her she is amazing. It was really good to see everyone.

Charity and Love are almost interchangeable for the word Christ. Everything our Savior did for us was based on those two words. As the Savior said the greatest commandment is to love God and love our neighbor. I know that right now the greatest way for me to show my love for God and my neighbor is to go out and work with all my heart, might, mind, and strength. What a remarkable opportunity it is to be a missionary!       


Elder Cunningham

Mom I sent you my testimony but I had no time to write it. It might need some help. If I need to redo it please let me know. I will make some time next P-day.

Sounds like Mexico is going to be a bit like England... cold! Hope you have a great time. I will be celebrating thanksgiving this evening at the Petersons home and I heard she made pumpkin pie! I cannot wait.

Mom if it is not too late I am in need of some color pencil refills for the pencil you gave me. If you have some around the house and can though it in that would be wonderful!

Paiges-hahahh love you also those pictures of Preston are so cute! Wow he is getting so big. He is baby though and tanner than me? Is that the picture or do you have a dark boy?

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