Sunday, December 19, 2010

November 29- Dec 6


This has been such a great week. We had specialised trainings and I got my package. Looks exciting I cannot wait to open it. The other one is at the office but the office elders are coming our district meeting so they will bring it to me and I should have it by tomorrow.

Around Europe baptisms are down from the previous years. In America they are up about 15%. In the EMM baptism are up 78%! That did not just happen out of luck but that happened because President Bullock is inspired! It has been wonderful to serve here and I know that this is where the Lord called me.
Although he called me to England, the weather would make you think Siberia, Russia. Lots and lots of snow this week but it made it fun. Mother after all my complaining the tractor sized boots are amazing! Nice and warm.

So this week Elder Eliason and I went out with all diligence but it seemed to no avail. We applied all the trainings. We were setting up appointments, confirming them, and following up. However, almost all of our potentials fell through. It was hard work and we were having no success. We were doing everything we could; we even stayed out and worked through our tea break. Finally, Saturday afternoon it was time to start our fast. Looking at our week we had only one new investigator and no more potentials to try. With faith, we prayed that we would be blessed to achieve the standard.

Around 4:30 on Sunday we had almost given up hope. We had a fireside at the mission home and were not going to have any time to tract. Before heading home we decided to tract a few doors. After saying a prayer on the street we started knocking. Just as we were getting ready to call it a night the Lord placed us at the door of three prepared individuals. It was incredible. We were able to get into the home and teach a mother and her two grown up daughters who had recently lost their grandfather. They had questions we had answers. I know it was an answer to our fasting and prayers that we were able to meet them that night. I know without a doubt that the Lord blessed us that evening and we were instruments in his hands being led by the spirit to find them. It is such a blessing to be a missionary and take part in the Lords work. There is no place I would rather be and nothing else I would rather be doing.   

Later that evening we took Mike to the fireside. Every fast Sunday the Bullocks hold a fireside in their home for all the progressing investigators. It was a great evening. Both talks were focused on Christ and the spirit in their home is almost tangible. Lots of effort is put into making these nights memorable. Sister Bullock cooks cookies and brownies of all sorts for probably 100 people even though about 65 people showed up.  

It has been a wonderful week. I have so much to tell you when we speak on the phone. Letters just are not completely adequate.  

I Love and miss you all,

Mom if you could please get that address for me for matt Johnston that would be great! Also did you get the picture i sent?

Paige those pictures are great thank you for sending them!!!!!

Tell Alisa thanks so much for the email. I love the pictures. The shafers are amazing from what i hear. Everyone loves them because they are “so American”! I pray I will be able to serve there! The kids are soooo BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tell rowland congrats. Whens the ring comming out????

CHaresses and DAd- love you both

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