Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dec 6- 13


What great letters this week! Thank you, thank you. I know I seem to always start my letters off with, “What a great week!” sorry to say this week is no different!
 Lots of good things are going on. We have had a few setbacks with our dated investigators however things are now back on track. Mike’s baptism has been pushed back to this coming Saturday and Martins the 8th of January. Mike is doing great and has a strong testimony of The Book of Mormon. We had to push his date back because of some word of wisdom confusion. I am quite confident that he will make his date this week. Also, Martins date has been pushed back because he has yet to move out of his girlfriends flat. He is doing great and is dying to get out but just doesn’t have the finances. He just picked up a job though and feels that he can make the 8th.  Nadia (his girlfriend) is a little less interested and so we have slowed down teaching with her. 
Cathy is such a wonderful woman but just has a hard life. Her husband divorced her recently and continues to make visits to the house and verbally abuse her. As well, she has had quite a few family members die in just a short time. These setbacks have kept us from meeting with her frequently but she loves meeting with us and is preparing for the 8th to be baptized. She says once Christmas is all put away she will be ready to meet with us more often.  
This week while tracking we were welcomed into a home of some Jamaicans. Before even saying anything more than Jesus Christ the woman welcomed us into her home. It so happened that it was her birthday! We not only got to share the gospel with her but also sing happy birthday. While I was saying the closing prayer we got giant HALLELUJAH. It was quite a memorable experience; the house even shook a little. You have to love all of the different cultures.
This week for a zone activity we went down to Piccadilly and sang some Christmas hymns. That was really fun. While some were singing some were street contacting and so it was great afternoon in the centre of Manchester.
Last night we were able to go to the Christmas devotional from the first presidency! All three of the talks were amazing. I really loved all the stories. President Irings talk about the woman always having the spirit with her was my favorite. How great it is to know that even when we loose our mind if we have continued to faithfully and worthily partake of the sacrament we may ALWAYS have his spirit to be with us! The gospel it true.


Christmas is coming up shortly and I will able to talk to you in just 12 days or so. I will call probably around 15:00 my time. I think that is about 8 your time. If that does not work let me know. I am happy and willing to do anything. You tell me if you want me to call a conference call, buy a card, or give you a number to ring. Not bothered me, as the English would say.
Mom I am sorry about the sacrament meeting. I know the spirit will prompt you as to my true feeling/testimony so feel free to write/change whatever you need to.  

The house looks beautiful thank you for the pictures!!!! Also, thank you for matt’s address.

-Have Paige and glen found a house yet or are they still at home?
-Chareese those are the cutest pictures!!! Ali is so stinking cute.
-I cannot believe Robert is already home,  that is CRAZY!

 I forgot to tell you about my study of patience

I loved the study of patience this week. I have been able to realize that often impatience comes because of a lack of understanding(Proverbs 14:29). I am grateful for the gospel because the more I learn, the greater perspective I gain, giving me the understanding needed to be more patient.

Love you 

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