Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Nov 22-29


What another great week! Thanksgiving was very good. it was kind of their family to have us over. The sweet potatoes were defiantly something to write home about, some of the best!

This week we had some great things happen. Fist I went on an exchange with an Elder in my district in the neighbouring town, Stockport. His name is Elder Birliba and he is from Moldova in easter euprope. Together we had a good time and were able to set up lots of appointments. He said he had been struggling with bus contacting (my favourite) so for both days we spent majority of the time on the bus. It was great and I think he was able to overcome some of his fears. He is a great person and has a really interesting conversion story. He has lived on his own since he was fifteen and his mom lives in Israel so that she can find work. His dad MIA. However, some good man in the ward was able to activate him and get him on a mission. It is amazing to see how with such little support he was able to get on a mission. The Lord needs all of us to motivate those who are in need of help.  

Friday was SPORTS DAY! The Bullocks put on a day of pure sports. The mission came together at the Manchester Stake Centre (where I serve) and we all just had an amazing time. We played American football, football, basketball and volleyball. It was great president played quarterback as well he played a little basketball. And yes I was the one defending him. It was great. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to go all out or to hold back. In the end it all went well. They also fed us pizza from Costco and sister bullock made homemade cookies, 4 each. They are amazing people and do so much for us missionaries. It is going to be sad when they leave.

Mike is doing great and is scheduled for baptism this week! He is a really interesting man and hilarious to talk to. In just the short time that I have been teaching him he has grown tremendously. He was addicted to coffee, tea, and alcohol yet he has been able to overcome them all. He has a great testimony and really has seen the importance and significance of the Book of Mormon.

Martin is doing great as well. He should be baptised next week if everything goes as planned. He is 26 and has had a really hard life. For the past few years he has been living with his girlfriend but after meeting with us he has accepted to live the law of chastity and moves into his own apartment this week. He really has a firm testimony in Jesus Christ and has been really seeking stability and purpose. I love that about the gospel because it offers everyone exactly what they need.

This week whilst striving to become more virtuous I have focused on having more sincere daily repentance. It has really helped me see the great blessing of the atonement. Also, when I give an accounting to the Lord it makes me find areas that I need to work on and be much more proactive about fixing them.


MOM- there has not been too much talk about the wedding of the prince except for the fact that it will be a bank holiday and so everyone is happy about that. Harry Potter has been all the rage though. How was it?  Any other questions i have forgotten about i would love to answer! Also in about 27 days you can speak to me on the phone!!!

******Matt Johnston the Cowleys nephew emailed me and so I wrote him back telling him i cannot write him but to send me his address and i would write him back. Well i am not allowed to read the email he sent it is only one time and so if you could get his address and give him mine that would be great. You can just email him his email is

Is Rowland married/engaged yet/buying a ring?
How is kenz and jim? Winter Casey?
What are you doing for Christmas?

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