Sunday, November 21, 2010

November 11- 15


Wow, sounds like some fun things are going on. Let me tell you I love serving here! It is great and the ward is huge. There are lots of people and we are right in the middle of all the action. Currently we have three dated for baptism: Martin, Mike, and Lucy.

Martin is an amazing young man, 26, who is truly seeking to find God is his life. He is currently living with his girlfriend, but accepted the law of chastity and was grateful for us to teach it to him. He is currently looking for a home to move out of.

Mike likewise is wonderful. We taught him the word of wisdom this week and he knows that it is a true law of health given to us from God. He lives in England so of course this is going to be a big challenge for him to overcome, but he knows with the Lords help anything is possible.

Lucy is hilarious. She is a young Asian student from china. PA (pop asian)!!!! She is currently working on her masters! Her parents are scientist and she never knew about God until she came to England. She is currently seeking to find out if God is really there. We had a great time teaching the other night. The library closed so we then were going to teach her in a cafe and then that was closed and so we ended up teaching her the freezing cold and she was really great about it!

There is this wonderful family in the ward and they are going to have us over for thanksgiving! They currently have a son in California serving and so she is looking out for us missionaries. I cannot wait for a proper American Thanksgiving!!!!!

The flat I am living in is huge. It has lots of rooms and has been in the mission for 25 years. As you can imagine after 25 years there are piles and piles of random stuff. However, we have decided to pile up the piles and stick them in a room that we never go in! The flat will be spotless in no time.

I was grateful for the chance to study hope this week because it greatly strengthened my understanding of what we are sharing as missionaries. The greatest part about the gospel is that it brings hope of a better future and happier life. That hope only comes through our Saviour. I know that as we continue to strengthen our testimonies and those we teach then our perspectives will broaden and we will gain a greater hope. Greater hope not only helps us overcome challenging times but also gives us the power to strengthen those in need. There is no greater calling then to be a missionary.



Could you please send me the list of my line of authority and find out where or ancestry is from? Did we have any English mormons or did we all convert when we came over?

Tell sister Clason i miss her class wish her the best with her new calling. Their family sent me a letter and I cannot remember if i responded or not. OOOPS. If you could tell her sorry it will come soon. Also, sis skidmore sent me another letter…. I  will send a quick note soon.

Yes i can buy garments here and will do so soon

Mom, do not worry about Christmas we found a man in the ward that wants to take us to Costco! I could not think of a better Christmas present! Also, I think I may purchase an English suit. They are about 100£ and fit a lot better than American ones.

Dad glad to hear things are going well with the company! I would have loved to have done that test drive. I am sure I can sign the papers somehow.

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