Sunday, November 21, 2010

November 3rd- 11


Well sadly I am no longer on the Isle. However, I am here in Manchester! I am serving at the main stake centre in Manchester and apparently it has great church history ie. Prophets have spoken from the pulpit.
I believe the ward is the largest in the mission as well as President and Sister Bullocks. I am very happy to be here and we are going to have an amazing transfer. My companion is Elder Eliason from Texas! Disappointingly enough, there is no country twang or cowboy hat... He is really great though and I’m happy to serve with him. He is a great missionary. Elder Moss (my good friend from the MTC) was his last companion and this is his second transfer.

It was sad saying goodbye to everyone, but I had a feeling it was coming. Everyone was really kind especially the Sayle family. They wrote these amazing letters and also sent me off with some Manx goodies and a Manx tartan tie. I am so excited for them they were a blessing to teach and we will be friends forever.

I am getting my weeks mixed up, I don’t know if I told you this already but Isabella went on holiday, but before she went she cooked us a delicious meal and gave me some great Manx chocolate. There were lots of gifts from kind people and I am grateful for the time I was able to spend with them.
My companion stayed with the Allens and I travelled on the fairy all by myself. The day before I left, the ocean had tsunami size waves and hurricane winds and it made me sick just looking at it. Thankfully the Lord answers prayers and the next day the sea was like glass!

Once I got to Preston the Zone Leaders picked me up where I then had to take a train to Manchester. After that I had to wait for the Manchester Zone Leaders to pick me up where I then went to the stake centre and pick my companion up and then finally arrived at home. The last time I did that amount of travel I ended up in Australia! It was a long day but everything went well and I was able to get lots of scripture study in. We have a mission scripture chase next week so I got to make the family proud (after all President Uchtdorph said that’s okay!).

I hope you have a wonderful week. I will write you soon.


The boat looks beautiful and i am excited. I love navy, silver, white, orange, red, yellow (depending). I think one of these colours would be great ,did i leave any out. It has gotten soooooo COLD! WOW. It is time for thermals now every day!!! For Christmas mom i would love CD from the approved list. If you don’t have it i will send it with my testimony. So sad to hear about Kathy Evans, they will be in my prayers, hope everything works out. How are the Bangarts doing? Is Rowland engaged? Will i get a notice before hand>? How is chareese haven’t heard from her in awhile.        

Mom also i have to give district meetings with more than just the allens. Its is good if i can come up with little games and things if you have any ideas from seminary i would love to hear about them. Also any good quotes and scriptures would be great. LOVE YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

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