Wednesday, November 3, 2010

October 18th-25th

What an amazing week it was. Saturday we had the baptism of Jeanine, Hannah, and Henry! It was wonderful. Monday night we went over to the Sales house and talked to Henry. He was struggling with what he was going to do with football and church (games are on Sunday) but he eventually found a solution and knew that he needed to be baptised! It was great. I baptised Jeanine and Hannah and Elder Ashcraft baptised Henry. Three different people from the ward confirmed them. Keith gave a talk at the baptism and it was brilliant. He stood up there like he had been a member his whole life. He is definitely going to be a bishop one day. They are already talking about going through the temple and being sealed. February 2012 is the goal!!!
So before the baptism we had a little freak-out. Jeanine called us up on Friday night and told us she had been having these weird dreams for the past few nights. She wasn’t not sure if she could be baptised while having these crazy thoughts go through her mind. We raced over to the house and then were able to comfort her almost immediately. The spirit prompted us to read the actual account of Joseph Smiths first vision and then we were able to explain more about the adversary. Then we read Alma 37:37 which really touched her. After speaking with her for a little bit she was feeling much better and we were back on track. That night she prayed before bed and was able to get a good night’s rest. Jeanine is truly amazing. She has done so much for us: dinner, haircuts, making sure we get home safe, etc. Not to mention besides that little scare she has really accepted the gospel. She went from 16 cups of coffee to 0 in a weekend! She has also read, studied and prayed about everything we have taught.

The apple does not fall too far from the tree. Henry and Hannah are wonderful people as well. They really took everything seriously and understood the commitment they were making. I love this family and will forever keep in contact with them.

Miracles do not cease. After the baptism we went out and went tracting. That night we got into a home and taught the restoration to a Methodist woman, we set up a few appointments, and we got homemade freshly baked ginger bread from a kind woman who was not interested in the slights of what we had to share! She was great. The night was miraculous. Oh also my companion sang I am a child of God to an old woman! I would have joined in however i was trying too hard to hold back the laughter. It was a wonderful evening.   

Another miracle...last night we had a full evening of tracting and weren’t sure where to go. We prayed about it and both felt like this little town in the middle of the island, where we had never been, was where we should go. So we headed off and the first door we knocked we set up an appointment. Felt pretty good about the town so far. The next door we knock and got to talking and find out that the woman who answered the door is actually the daughter of a member. She had actually been planning on going to church that morning with her mom but her mom got ill and wasn’t able to attend. She has never really been to church but knows that her mom goes alone and felt like joining her. The Lord literally placed us at her doorstep. She has been prepared. Because she didn’t come to us we went to her. It is truly amazing to see how the lord places us in the right place at the right time. The prompting we both got was gentile yet when we acted upon it we were able to see the blessings. 

There is so much more that I wish to tell you but that is all I have for today. I hope you have an equally wonderful week.

Ps. Glad you like the movie we actually went this morning to the exact place it was filmed with that white house and the red doors. Wow, it was beautiful. Cannot wait to take you there.

PPS. Sad sad news I am not allowed to have the made easier books that i loved. I actually found out a while ago and haven’t been able to remember. I only got through the first book and a little of the second. What would you like me to do? Should I send them back?

MOM- i think every missionary needs an iphone/ipad. Once the churches paper work goes digital everything will be so much more efficient! Congrats though, how do you like it? Have you been using the lap top?

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