Thursday, October 21, 2010

October 11-18th


Those pictures were so great! Mom you look like you have been on that diet too long, time to eat a big American cheese burger and get off that crazy diet! All the kids look so old and big. Ali is a true Cunningham, beautiful. Sounds like you have been having a great time.

So the interview went well. He did not even say anything about the email so I didn’t care to mention it either. I read it again and realized it wasn’t as bad as I had thought. He did however tell me that I probably shouldn’t wear brown shoes with a blue suit. Apparently in the business world that is a fashion faux pas. Oh well the brown ones were the ones that are done anyways
So I bought a new pair of scriptures and have loved my new marking system. Wow, dad advice to the new missionaries is to find an effective way to mark their scriptures. Also, the simplified curriculum is really good. Have the missionaries know that and they will do well on their mission. The new curriculum is not very different though from what we had been training on because president fasted and prayed for a long time on a mission vision and almost everything in that was part of what he and sister bullock created. They are inspired.

The boat ride back was nice. The water was flat and you could hardly tell that we were moving. My prayers were answered. Being away from our investigators for so long made it difficult to keep things going so it was very nice to be back. Although we were gone for 2 days of this week were still able to exceed the weekly standard key indicators. We were also blessed to have 9 member present lessons. The island is being blessed.

Jeanine and Hannah Sayle are going to be baptised this weekend. It should be a wonderful service. The oldest boy, Henry, who is 13, is not sure if he wants to be baptised because he loves football and games are always on Sunday. Difficult situation, but he knows the church is true and he is an amazing young man. We are going to meet with him tonight and talk about it.

Also, Brian was supposed to be baptised this weekend but did not show up to church. He is a shift worker so coming to church has been a little difficult. However, in order to be baptised you have to be a regular church attendee. Hopefully we will get his work schedule worked out so he can make it.

Jillian, a wonderful woman whom we have been teaching, told us that she knows the Book of Mormon is true and wants to be baptised. She is still working some small things out but we committed her to look at a calendar and schedule her own date. Sometime within the next month she will be baptised. She is a body, mind, and spirit psychiatrist. It has been really great teaching her though because she is sensitive to the spirit and is able to recognize it testifying to her.

We have been able to teach Karen and her partner Paul. They are doing very well. Karen and Chloe (her daughter) continue to come to church and find great fellowship in the ward.  They are really kind and fed us a delicious curry this week!
This Sunday we had the temple President come and speak in church and later give a fireside. Isabella fed us before we went to the fireside and it was a wonderful meal. We actually got to teach her son the restoration as well. He is only 18 and lives in England but the lesson went well and hopefully we planted some seeds.

Earlier today we went to the Manx museum and wow it was incredible. You would not believe the history that this island has. For being so small it is crazy. When President and Sister Bullock were here they said that when we go home we need to watch “Waking Ned.”  It is supposed to be a funny movie that was filmed all over the isle. If you want to see where I am serving go rent it!

Driving on the Isle is lots of fun. We go all around in the little Vauxhall Meriva. Her name is Bonnie and we take good care of her. Stick is now first nature though as well as driving on the wrong side of the road!   

Life is beautiful. Thanks for all of the prayers, thoughts, love, and support. Miss you lots.


PS. I got a letter also from sister unsworth and it was 5 pages long! She was very appreciative, thanks again for sending that. What did she mean by “going to be...”???? hhahaha will forgive her for that.

PPS: I meant to send my nephew a happy birthday email and the computer logged me off!!! Make sure you tell him that his favourite uncle Loves him and wishes him the best!!!!!

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