Wednesday, October 13, 2010

September 20th-30


So this was a really amazing week. Keith was baptised!!! It was a great service and his family was all there to support him. We also had a great turn out from the ward. His family is so wonderful. He and his wife have three children: Henry 13, Hannah 11, Jenna 7. We taught them this week after his baptism.

Isabella who just got baptised a few weeks ago had us, Karen and the whole sale family over for an Italian dinner. It was amazing and she is doing wonderful.  Karen is Isabella’s friend who the missionaries first found. She invited Isabella over for the discussions and funny enough she got baptised first.

This week was transfers and that is why I am writing you on a Thursday. My companions name is Elder Ashcraft and he is from... UTAH!  I have decided that almost all missionaries come there. He is a great new missionary though and we are going to have a great time.

Elder Boswell was my last companion and we really had a good time. He is an excellent missionary and I truly learned a lot from him.

Because of the way that transfers worked I stayed on the Island with the Allen’s the senior couple. It was so great. I got fed breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She is a wonderful cook. Also, I went and taught with them at the prison. That was really a neat experience. We went behind bars and everything. My companion did not come in until 10:30 but it was good to spend the day with them.

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