Wednesday, October 13, 2010

September 30th- October 4th


This week was really great! Conference was so amazing. I am not sure if all the men stepped up their game this year or if I have just become closer to the spirit! I felt as though each one of them had a specific thing to teach me. My companion and I were able to watch all the sessions except for the Sunday afternoon. So we were watching the Saturday morning session and just as Elder Uchtdorf begins his talk the satellite goes crazy and he started speaking in German! Haha the lord must have wanted us to hear him in his native tongue. Sadly enough none of us had the gift of tongues and we could not get it back to English. We had to end it for the night but it was fixed the next day and we were able to watch everything.  I think my favourites were... I just began to type my favourites but I ended up putting every talk I could remember. It was great. I went home last night looked at my patriarchal blessing and came up with some goals to accomplish by the end of my mission. I love conference and the wonderful people that lead our church!

The work is continuing to go well. After the Saturday session of conference Elder Ashcraft and I were invited to dinner at a member’s home. Although we had not eaten much we knew that we needed to go out and tract. That evening we were able to get into a home and teach the restoration as well as set up many appointments. Sacrifice and obedience truly “brings forth the blessings of heaven”.

Elder Ashcraft is my new companion and he is great. He is one of those where it would be hard not to love. He is from Utah (I think they might all be except for me) and has a great heart. He loves to sing also and has a great voice. Maybe he will be able to teach me something.

I think I wrote last week but yes Jeanine is dated for baptism! The 23rd is her date. The two children, Henry and Hannah, are still not sure but I think now that they know their mom believes they will also be baptised. Teaching their family is lots of fun. We try to make things exciting by teaching with sweets or DVD clips. I know the family has really enjoyed having the missionaries come to their home.  Jeanine takes care of us like we are one of her children. She is always trying to feed us or make us “American Popcorn.” I love them and Yes dad we will come and visit the Isle!!!

This coming week we have zone conference and interviews in Liverpool.  This will be the first time that I have been to both since being on island. We will be gone for a full week! It is going to be a little scary taking that much time away from all of our amazing investigators but I am sure things will turn good still!

Sounds like life is going great back home, busy, busy, busy.  Is Rowland at home now? How long is he off his leg? Preston is looking so cute. Glen is looking thin! You go glen coco! How are the boys? Send me pictures.


DAD- how is work going? I forgot to answer your question about the tt races awhile ago. On our lunch break we took 15 minutes and went and watched from the side! WOW. They go almost 150 miles around a corner!  It is crazy crazy crazy. Three people died this year and I think that is pretty typical. I do not know what would cause someone to want to it but it was definitely worth watching!

Mom- the weather here has not been too bad yet. However, I have worn two holes in my mephisto shoes! Yikes. The other ones, the feragamos, are doing great though. I don’t need new shoes though by any means. I will buy some here if I do end up needing some. I just thought you might be interested to know that those are not all they are cracked up to be. For Christmas don’t send me anything unless it’s chocolate peanut butter balls and sugar cookies. I really do need candy or anything!

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