Sunday, January 15, 2012

November 17th

This has been one of the busiest weeks of my mission, but also one of the best. I am now serving in the heart of Manchester in the YSA ward. It is the only one in all of Europe. My companion is Elder Boswell who is my first companion that I served with on the Isle of Man. Great things are going to happen. We are literally walking distance from Piccadilly and it is quite exciting. I will be here for the next two transfers and Elder Boswell will stay my companion. 

Saying goodbye to the Chester ward was just like saying goodbye to the Isle of Man. The Chester ward is one of the best wards in the whole mission and I left with lots of friends. I think I had to make more phone calls last weekend than ever before leaving an area. I spoke to Elder Eliason the other day and he said that everyone is doing very well. Hopefully, if time permits, I will be able to go back to a few of the baptisms.

Elder Boswell and I have whitewashed into the YSA ward and so it will be quite a new adventure. We have a large teaching pool already and an endless supply of potentials.

Love you lots! 

Dad- Thank you so much for the letter you wrote.  Although it’s only a page that would have been extremely bothersome to write!  Also, I am really looking forward to going. It shall be quite the adventure. When it talks about these “trips” in your letter what is it talking about? Also, this mission president that wanted you to write him, is he involved in the Jeff flake side of things or byu?

Mom you are great! I know you know the rules!!! J xoxox This letter is short but I fill you in a little more on Monday!

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