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December 5th-12th


Wow, that is frustrating! Let me tell you that I spent a LONG time on last week’s letter and now I cannot even find where it went, why it did not send, or what I wrote about.  The good news is that I am still doing great and the gospel is true!

Okay so I have just made a large list of bullet points and just go over them.

Elder Kerr- he is incredible and actually came back this weekend to attend the mission home fireside. We asked him all sorts of questions about leadership, correction, what he has learned from the brethren, favorite books, etc. he spoke a lot about agency and the importance of choice. He also talked a lot about not settling. He said to make sure that when I go home I make it to the temple every week.

YSA Ward- This was my second Sunday and it went very well. Last week there were only about 40 YSA and our goal has been to double it in the next few months. This past week there was a huge push from the stake presidents of Manchester and Ashton and so this Sunday we had over 100. It was wonderful and one of the best fast and testimony meetings I have been to in awhile. Plus we had both stake presidencies. Lots of power in the room.

Mission Home fireside- The mission home fireside on fast Sunday was wonderful again. Nicky and Mathew from Chester came and they are doing incredible. You would not believe the change. They are so happy and excited for their baptism on the 17th! I bought Mathew a children’s reader and he loves it!

President Business- President took Elder Boswell and I to his business for a lunch that he had to say a few words at for some workers that are leaving. He doesn’t work there anymore but his children still run the company. It was great and you would not believe how much everyone, whether in the church or not love President!

Elder Boswell- I love my companion. He is an incredible missionary and we are actually going to be roommates at BYU in the fall!

Liverpool/ Newcastle- Been on exchanges in both areas and I love Liverpool. It’s dark, dirty, dingy, and yet has a special spirit that is so strong and so great. We taught 5 on the spot lessons in only 24 hours. Unfortunately all of the recent converts of mine have moved back to china but the good news is I have been able to keep I contact with them. They are doing great! Newcastle is where the Schafers live (rob and alias friends) we didn’t get to stop by and say hello but it was good to be in their area.

Zone Conference Temple Donaldson- WE had zone conference this week at the temple. It was wonderful and the spirit was so strong. Elder Boswell and I were able to go on both days tue and thur. The mission is split in 2. Before going into the first session we ran into President and sister Walker who is the president of the Preston MTC now who is also the former temple president of SLC temple! We asked him what advice he had for us before going to the temple. He and his wife (president Hinckley daughter) wrote a book on understanding the temple. He told us that every sentence in the temple relates to Jesus Christ atonement. He said to focus on one sentence apply it to Jesus Christ atonement and then relate that to your life. It is great. You should look for the book.

President and Sister Preston- they are truly so incredible. I have really been able to learn so much from them in these past few weeks. President takes so much time on each individual. He truly cares about the one and ministers “one by one” like the scriptures say. They are wonderful!

Weather – the weather is cold but it hasn’t snowed yet so that is a good sign!

Dylan- All right before I leave you I want to tell you about a miracle. Whilst getting ready for a meeting president called us and told us he was going to be 20 min late. We were in the car so we looked for a place pulled over and started finding. We weren’t too happy about the area seeing as though it was predominately Muslim but we only had a few minutes so got out. Speaking to everyone, I found a Chinese man went up to him and went I got closer he said “HEY!” This young mans name is Dylan and I used to teach him about a year ago in a different city. He had been back to china and had moved around but God literally placed us in his path. It was an incredible experience that just goes to show that this is God’s work and he is in charge!!!!! 

Love, Richard

Paige – the house looks quite posh! Nice job and thank you thank you for the pictures
Rowland- thanks for the email. Glad things are going well. you don’t look chubby from the pics
Chareese-thanks for the emails, candle light tour sounds like a blast. 

Ps. Assistants have never before had an area in the EMM. You could say that elder Boswell and I are the guinea pigs.  Elder Kopischke (the area 70) really wanted us to have an area so that is why we have whitewashed into the YSA ward. Things are going well. It is busy busy busy but it’s a wonderful opportunity to balance the mission responsibilities and the responsibilities of the area.

Pps. Tell the Carrolls to tell Ramsey I cannot email.

Sorry I have not proof read this and have typed as fast as I possibly can! I LOVE you lots!

Sorry again the letter didn’t send!
Oh and I love the pics of mom and dad very classy!

I don’t know what questions you have but if I didn’t answer them just put them at the bottom of you letter or separate them somehow! :)

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