Sunday, January 15, 2012

November 21st


Where to begin… This has been another busy busy weekend. We had two stake conferences and one of them was a change in the presidency. Because of that Elder Kerr and Elder Kopischke (of the 70) came to speak. Whilst here the two of them wanted to get out on the streets and do some missionary work. Elder Boswell and I spent the whole day with Elder Kerr driving him around the mission to different teaching appointments as well as teaching two of our investigators. It was great.

Elder Kerr is an amazing man from Scotland and has children in the Manchester stake.  We have actually had the chance to meet him a few times before but this was a new ball game.  Whilst in the car we asked him question after question and he answered every single one of them. We went and taught one of our dated investigators with him and he committed him to baptism (he hadn’t accepted yet). His name is Kyron from the British Virgin Islands and he is now dated for Dec 3. Thank you Elder Kerr! 

Another miracle is that we went to Bolton so Elder Kerr could teach a French family with the missionaries there. We were supposed to pick him up at 6 and it was 6:05 so we started knocking some doors in a nearby area. We were already out of time but this little English family opened the door and let us in. In about ten minutes we taught the restoration and they all accepted baptism. They were so grateful for our visit and are extremely excited for when we return (or the other elders). 

Also, we stopped by the knights (the family that we witnessed their sealing) and the parents weren’t in because they were at the hospital delivering their 10th child!

This weekend we are going to have a baptism of three amazing people. Gerard and his mum and a friend named Lincoln. The only reason why we are baptizing Gerard’s mum is because the missionaries were teaching Gerard who is a YSA and when she saw the change in him she wanted to start being taught. She will go to the ward just down the road. Lincoln is just another YSA who the missionaries found who is now good friends with Gerard.

I am very excited about being in the YSA ward but I have yet to attend because it was stake conference. It was great because I got to see lots of people from my previous areas. Our new area covers two stakes, which is the size of all of Manchester and Greater Manchester. Everyone within the two stakes that is YSA is supposed to be attending the YSA ward. If any of the missionaries are teaching YSA they have to hand them over and then Elder Boswell and I will travel and teach them. We might not be the most popular missionaries in the mission after this but it is what the investigators need.  Dad asked about whitewashing. President Bullock did whitewash and so does President Preston I just was never involved with one.  Also, Manchester University is the largest university in the area.

Elder Boswell is a fantastic missionary and was trained by Elder Ridley the first assistant who I went on an exchange with at the beginning of my mission. We had a great transfer on the Isle and are having an even greater time now.

Love you lots! Hope all things are going well. If you have any more question please let me know.

PS. The great thing about being in Manchester is all the formers that didn’t get baptized I can follow up with and make sure the ordinances take place!!! Liam and Nicodemus

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