Sunday, January 15, 2012

December 19-


I cannot believe it is already Christmas time and most of all I cannot believe that this transfer is beginning to finish up. Time has just been going ninety miles an hour and increasing in speed. Pray that it will slow down for me.

This week at sacrament Elder Boswell and I had two new investigators at church, Sara and Henry. Henry loved church and has been reading the Book of Mormon religiously, no pun intended. Sara is getting her PHD in electrical engineering and is 23. She is from Kent and has never been too religious but has recently felt herself wanting to know the big answers to life’s questions. She was street contacted by another missionary and is preparing for baptism on the 21st.

I have learned so much from President and Sister Preston and would love to tell you a few things but I don’t necessarily want it on a blog for the world to see...Too often we meet members who have been on missions or who have had children on missions and they want us to know that they too have been assistants or zone leaders or whatever it is and I just would prefer to keep things like that quiet. In the end it doesn’t mean anything but that you had an opportunity to serve. Having said that please do not post any of this.

This week, because of Christmas, we had transfer planning. Wow, it was truly one of the greatest meetings I have ever had on my mission. President Preston, Elder Boswell, and I met up early in the morning at the mission office and open a huge fourfold board with all the areas and missionaries. We then started with a prayer and began discussing the missionaries one by one and the area they were going to go and the companion they were going to have. There are many times when I have felt that I have received revelation but this was very special. Everything went into place. It took the whole day and then the whole of Saturday morning but as we discussed the individual needs and the circumstances surrounding each missionary we found the spot they were supposed to go. After having fifteen transfers at the disposal of someone else it helped me realise the importance of the decisions we were making. But most of all, we are not the ones making the decisions.

I look forward to speaking with you soon. I will ring at about 1pm our time. We have church at 10 and then a tea appointment at 230 and so I think this would work best. Sorry I know that is really early but it’s just one of them things. If you would like me to ring you after your church in the evening time that might work just let me know when the earliest you would be home by if this is no good. I probably wont get on my email and so if you email the office couple they will let me know. Sister Ringer and Gregson most amazing office wives ever! Also, sorry no skype you are just gonna have to wait a few more weeks to see my face.

Love, Richard

Ps. The Clasons sent me a little package and the Worthens sent me a check. The package you sent has not made it yet.  

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