Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nov 7th- 16th

Wow, family tell Jeff that I will be the best intern he has ever had! That is so exciting! I knew it had to have been something big like this. I cannot wait. This will be so great! It seems as though my brothers know me best because there is no question I would have given that up. How many interns at a time? Do I have to apply or because I am in byu do I automatically get in? Do I live in dorms or do I have a roommate? Is it right in town? Did Robert do the same thing?  Lots and lots of questions…

All right,

This has been a great week. Let me start off by telling you about Halloween. Well got all the recipes and go to asda to get the goods and they are all out of pumpkins. I am telling you this country has loads to offer but when it comes to holidays is poor!! We ended up making the pumpkin brains without the pumpkin and it was interesting to say the least but got us full. Then elder hopper decided he knew how to make fried ice cream and so we had these massive fried ice cream balls. Last transfer I bought a one-z pajamas tiger outfit and so it was quite fitting for the evening. Anyways, it was a fun time lots of memories.

Quick update-

Barbara- She is great. We went last night to the mission home for a fireside. Lorna bore her testimony in front of everyone and it was so good. Barbara’s leg is still not healed and so she won’t be able to be baptized until it closes up, hopefully by next weekend.

Nicky and Mathew- Nicky has had a change of heart and is starting to really make some progress. Something has changed and she is just progressing well. All we have left to teach is tithing.

This week I went on exchange with a brand new missionary from sal polo brazil! He is such an amazing missionary and we had a great exchange. He tells me next time he will make me some pon di quezo sp?? The chezzy bread ball things. He has actually been living in the southern part of England for the past couple years but still feels Brazil is home!

Okay I hope you are all doing great! Thank you so much for all the pictures. Paige you are truly the best!!! I loved all of them. Everyone looks great and all the kids look so cute.

Love, Elder Cunningham

Elder Eliason sent some pictures so look at his blog. If you want a copy of the pics you can email his dad at Toddeliason@gmail.com

Dad I only got two emails last week. That talk was incredible so great I loved it. You go against the grain when it comes to boring high council talks. I also love the mormon.org profile. Great work. The email I didn’t get was the one of the building. I got one a few weeks ago and it looks great but not recently.

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