Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Oct 17- 24


Wow, Disneyland? Well it is a good thing that the kids love Disneyland as much as I do because we will have to make another trip in a few months! Thanks for all the pictures I loved them

All right so this has been just another terrific week in the mission. It is crazy, the weeks are just flying by and I want things to slow down just a bit so I can enjoy the wonderful experiences that are happening.

Lorna is doing incredible and has been so strong. She was supposed to be baptized this past weekend but had some family complications so she had to run to London last minute. Long story short she did not end up going there. She felt the spirit tell her that she needed to stay home. She had been thinking about moving back to Essics where she is originally from but now knows that here is where she needs to be. While out at some meeting she slipped and ended up breaking her foot. This poor woman has gone through a lot but she is incredible. Even though she broke her foot she still came to church and loves everything about the gospel. We went and watched the prophet of the restoration and she cried at the end while baring her testimony of him. It has been incredible.

Interviews and Training was this week and it went really well. Elder Eliason and I trained on member work. My interview with president was really good. He is a great man and has a big heart. He is doing a really great job. On Thursday we had a meeting with president and all the bishop bricks, stake council, and ward mission leaders. President asked elder Eliason and I to come didn’t tell us what he wanted us to do or anything but half way through his presentation says elder Cunningham I am sure you have a few things you want to say..and then sits down immediately.  For Wales being so cold the room got extremely hot in a matter of seconds. I managed to spit out a few words and now know for the future always be prepared to be called upon.

Elder Thomas is a missionary from Belgium who is a recent convert of 14 months. Can you believe that? He is living in the flat with us and being trained by another missionary, elder hopper. It has been really fun with the four of us and this young man is the only member in his home, the only one that believes in god and is such an incredible missionary. It just goes to show it doesn’t matter what circumstances you are brought up in the gospel is there for everyone.

This week we had 9 new investigators and 5 of them came from a large group of college girls that we taught just yesterday. It was great they were all genuine and sincerely interested. The best part about it is after we set up the appointment and came back later in the week we found out that one of the girls was good friends with a member family from Liverpool who I loved. And they actually used to take her to church. These things are not coincidence.

All right time is running short and I think elder Eliason wrote a long letter so make sure to read his blog. Elder Eliason and I are thinking since you both read our blog that we could just switch off writing every other week? What are your thoughts????  Only teasing.


Mom loved the pictures thank you thank you. Also, I like you hair it looks really good. Sorry I haven’t been able to send many pictures. I think the real problem is me not taking tons. Also, I thought about sending my memory card home but then realized that I wouldn’t have anything to show you when I get home!!!

BYU – My username is richcunn1 password rwc941xme I think that is it at least. To be honest I haven’t given it any thought. I know that I will go back there for a little bit if not until I graduate. Still not sure about a major or a profession. I am starting to think seminary teacher might be nice….!!! No I can’t really let you think that I am being since seminary teacher is not an option

Paige thanks for the great pics!!! You’re amazing and look great!  Jens Hawaiian dresses interesting but she looked gorgeous

Steve jobs printed it thanks

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