Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Oct 31- Nov 7

Okay Chareese this is just what I sent the parents (their letters have been quite skint) and maybe tomorrow you can give them my real letter.


Happy Halloween! Hope all is well. Sounds like from what dad said it was a great time in Mexico. I am doing great. The work is progressing extremely well. Speak to you soon.

Love you lots,

Real Letter-

This week has been so great. Lorna’s baptism was incredible. She has been so prepared and bore the most beautiful testimony at the end of the service. The spirit was so strong and it especially touched Barbara Lawson (Grandma #1). Lorna used to be an archer and has one many awards and mettles. Apparently she was the representative for Norway and used to practice three hours a day without fail. I am exited for when you will get to meet her. I know and she knows that with out a shadow of doubt we were sent to find and teach her that day.

Barbara is hilarious. Literally one of the funniest grandmas I have ever met. She loved the baptism and has identified the spirit in the lessons and at church. She committed to be baptized on the twelfth of November last night. We told her that meant she had to give up the tea by today and she responded “I guess ill drink a gallon tonight!” This week we met all of her children and grandchildren. Hopefully soon we will be able to teach her daughter. Her family is incredible and would make great members of the church. They have been a real support to her and so we shall see what happens.

Bianca and Richard are doing well. You would not believe the great support that the ward has been to them. She is making all of these plans for her wedding in January and everyone is pitching in to help. She and Richard don’t have two pennies to rub together and so it has been really nice to see the gospel is action.

Nicky has been struggling. Because of her past she has lots of reservations and lots of concerns and it has been very difficult to help her progress. We taught her this week with a member of the mission presidency and that was great help. He had an abusive father and so he was able to relate a little bit to her. She has been making changes and progressing but it has been at a very slow pace. Hopefully, something will click in the next few days.

Elder Kopishke (70 President of the Europe area) came in town and that was quite the experience. He is a really wonderful man, really down to earth and so knowledgeable. I learned the importance of the scriptures. Every question that someone asked was answered using the scriptures. He focused most of his remarks of faith and following the spirit. I have notes in my scriptures that are priceless. He also touched on dreams and how we can accomplish our dreams but only if we set goals and work hard. The zone leader council meeting we had with him was the best. It was just 14 of us and a set of sisters. He had some big ideas about the mission and some ideas that we could begin implementing. It is exciting.

Today is Halloween and we worked for the first three hours of the day and now have the rest of the day for P-day. Elder Hopper is excited to put these recipes to the test thank you for sending them!

Hope all is well.

Love, Richard

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