Friday, July 2, 2010

June 14-21

What’s the deal? You are all headed to Lake Powell to go have an amazing time and this is the week I get the shortest un juicy letters and actually have time to respond!? This is the week that you should be writing me novels to make sure I am not homesick because you are going to my favourite place on earth…well one of them! Well don’t feel too bad I am not homesick life here in Bolton is wonderful.

Okay so after I wrote last weeks letter I realized that mom was called to be relief society president not young women’s! Silly me. After taking some time to think about it I realize that it is a blessing that dad bought a business! Without your seminary income we might have been claiming benefits from Obama!!! That would have been scary! I see how those people live everyday. Hahha, jk. 

This week was a lot of fun. I went on another exchange with a Zone Leader, his name is Elder Hernandez from……Idaho. It was lots of fun, he is a good missionary... soon to go home.

Elder Chambers and I have been able to meet a lot of new people. Our investigators that we have haven’t been progressing so we have been trying to help them/ find new ones! We have a lot of promising people and I am excited to see what comes from them. Every day we have fun and unique experiences but you would be so proud because ever since Elder Chambers and I have been companions I have written in my journal EVERYDAY!! WHO HOO lets hope and pray that I can keep it up.

Okay well I hope you have an AMAZING time in one of Gods greatest creations! Eat tons, get tan, and have a wonderful time! Hills wrote me and told me about a new JACK JOHNSON CD I hope you bought it because I am sure it is brilliant and that is what LP is all about! Hope jim and heather don’t get too bored without me!

Well although you may be having a great time I am sure it doesn’t compare to the satisfaction of serving a mission. This is truly a wonderful experience and a time that I have been able to feel closer to the lord than ever before. I just finished the Book of Mormon and reading it on a mission gives you so much more insight and depth. It is amazing to see how much my testimony has grown in just past few months. I am grateful I am here and the work that I am able to take part in and knowledge we have because of the Gospel. How blessed we are!

Have lots of fun.



Rob and Alisa where are they moving?
Can you send me the pics of the boys and ali?
Did Rique come home yet?
How are things with kens wedding plans?
Who are you counsellors for rs?
I want pictures of the watch and the cars please!!!
Is someone getting the mail while your gone? Something might be melting…

PS. Dad that was very nice letter thanks for writing it! Tell me if he responds.
Pps. At the camp we changed and were in jeans and they gave us a mission shirt
ppps yes we are staying for all of the games because we just dont get any work done people wont talk to us
oh lastly i will have to take a picture but you would have to see the spirit that these English people have when it comes to football i will show you a street that is completely filled with English flags everywhere !!!

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