Friday, July 2, 2010

June 21-28


Wow, I am sorry my letter did not send that is a bummer! I think it might have to do with the fact that you sent me an email from YOUR PHONE!!!! Haha just teasing I am happy to see your progress on the good ol iphone mom. Glad to hear the LP was fun/not as fun without me…don’t worry ill be back in two we can have a party!

Okay, this week was CRAZY! We had a lot going on between football games, interviews and trainings, and a stake service project! All squeezed in between finding and teaching! England lost so as you can imagine finding last night was not too successful. However, I don’t think it would have been any better had they won. In fact I am surprised that people were able to tell they lost…the pubs were packed. Just to clarify we go inside for the games and then come out about an hour after they are done. People are still out and crazy though.

Okay so helping hands stake service project was in Rochdale, another area in the zone. We went and cleaned up a park. It was a good work out. We lifted these huge rubber mats to clear out this abandoned playground as well as chop trees down and pull up these railings that were dug deep in the ground. It was fun and good to be around the other missionaries.

Interviews were amazing as always. Sister Bullock talked a lot on nutrition and also made us all a cook book. She is a wonderful woman and I am really grateful for all that she does!

It was great she is personally very healthy, the cook book is kind of funny. ! It says for a hearty chicken noodle soup add chicken to top a roman! Also tells how to make a quesadilla Hahaha there are some funny things like that but it is really good. I am going to use it. There is a recepe for enchiladas!!! No renee but it will have to suffice. Also, I drink a slim fast for breakfast sometimes, i cant remeber is that okay or no? It almost tastes too good to be healthy but let me know.

My interview with president was really good. He had some very nice things to say and told me that you had written him a very nice thank you note. He is amazing! We just talk about the work, how I am doing, how my companion is, and then I get to ask him any questions I have. I asked him what he thought I needed to improve on he told me to read this document he created called the sacred missionary document and find some things that I think I need best.

This is the last full week of this transfer so you probably won’t hear from me until at least Wednesday. I am not sure what is going to happen. I think Elder Chambers will be made a zone leader so I might be in Bolton for another transfer… we will see what happens.

I was able to buy some new shoes! They are great asics. Thank you so much!!!! 

Well my other letter has all my questions! Hope your life is wonderful. Love you all and have an amazing 4th of July!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Elder Cunningham is currently my son Elder Cody Eliason, for the second time. Cody is thrilled, he and Elder Cunningham seem to really get along great! We have a blog for Cody as well:
    Feel free to stop by and say hello and We will follow this blog as well!

  2. That wasn't very clear - sorry. I meant that they are companions for the second time.