Monday, July 12, 2010

June 28-8

Family you will not believe this but i just typed this letter (a long one) and then the email totally logged out on me and it did not save a thing!!!!! I'm raging in the library right now trying not to cause a
scene! Okay so i have little time but i will try and do my best!

Your week sounds amazing! I am jealous that i couldn't be there! Maybe in two years Rowland and Chareese will be producing so I can attend their babies blessing! Our family is so blessed to all be able and worthy to stand in the  circle while preforming a priesthood blessing! What an amazing

Transfer information…well I am still here in BOLTON! I am not quite sure how that happened but at least I know that this will for sure be my last transfer here! Elder Chambers (as well as Elder Sturt my
trainer) was made a zone leader so I had to stay here. My new comp is elder Stingham from Utah. Do you think that president was playing some kind of name matching game? He is great though seems like a hard worker should be a good transfer and hopefully just FLY BY! Pray for that!

The work here is going wonderful. We should have some baptisms coming up! This past week has been full of miracles. Elder Chambers and I had found some great new investigators and our most progressing one came from a street lesson. We were contacting in a park and stopped a young man. To our surprise he was very receptive to the message so we taught him right there. After listening he was eager to read the Book of Mormon and exclaimed to us that “it just makes sense.” Since then we have been able to teach Dan three times at the church.

MOM-congrats on grannie hood!! the watch looks beautiful

DAD-good luck with work keep me posted. i saw a hummer today and almost shed a tear

CHareese- i made the fruit pizza it was amazing almost as good as knowing AMERICA WON!!! you look skinny and pretty!

PAIGE and Glen- congrats thanks for all the pics they are great and the testimony that means a lot! oh and you look very svelte as well both of you! Paige you did it so fast!

ROWland- you look like your 15, eat some food! just playing keep up the good work

Rob and Alisa and fam- everyone looks so great/old! the kids i mean old! Congrats on the move considering the new location if you are there in two years i may come visit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! alisa your
hair is so long!

Okay i love you i am so so so sorry that was stupid it wont happen again cause now i know the computer means business!!! I love and miss you all hope you have a wonderful week and i will talk
to you on Monday!


ps. i didn't mean to comment on every ones weight but all you just
looked so good. I don't want this to sound like i am getting fat
either cause I'm not don't worry hahahaha!!!!

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